Joan Collins and Pauline Collins hit the road in the first trailer for The Time of Their Lives 

The Time of Their Lives trailer The Time of Their Lives trailer

Much has been said about the so-called "grey pound", with older audiences turning films with predominantly older casts into international box office hits.

Now, off the back of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel franchise and grey-haired hits like Philomena, Lady in the Van and Song for Marion, comes The Time of Their Lives, a new comedy drama starring Joan Collins and Pauline Collins.

Pauline Collins and Joan Collins in the feel-good OAP romp The Time of Their Lives

The Dynasty star plays a has-been movie star of diminishing funds, who flees her London retirement home to attend the French funeral of one of her former directors. Along the way she encounters Pauline Collins's fragile housewife, long undermined by her controlling husband, and the two embark on a life-redefining road trip. They leap into swimming pools, seduce younger men – all accompanied by the music of a warbling Ellie Goulding-soundalike.

They also become embroiled in a love triangle with a reclusive Italian millionaire, played by the older woman's Euro pin-up Franco Nero.

Directed by Roger Goldby, the man behind films including The Waiting Room and the Oscar-nominated short It's Good to Talk, The Time of Their Lives also stars Ronald Pickup and Nero's stepdaughter Joely Richardson.

The Time of Their Lives is released on March 10