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Three admired Ajugas chosen by plant hunter Lark Hanham

This spring, I implore you to make space in your borders and give long-admired Ajuga a try. Originating from central Europe and south-west Asia, this group of specimens will survive -30°C and, once established, require little care and intervention. They make excellent additions to the spring garden, providing early to mid-summer colour from their whorled, tubular nectar-rich flowers and attractive leaves. They’re among the best ground covers around; their vigorous growth is bolstered by stoloniferous quick-setting roots, which are ideal for covering large areas of soil where they will out-compete weeds by filtering out light with their attractive, glossy leaves. Spread 1m.

reptans Rosea

Ajuga Rosea Credit: © Visions BV, Netherlands / VisionsPictures & Photography/

Through May and June this unusual Bugleweed doesn’t present the typical blue or purple flowers; instead it surprises the gardener with a flurry of erect flowering spires decorated with baby pink, plus white detailed dual-lipped miniature trumpets. Its low-growing evergreen leaves will provide year-round interest, yet still allow the flowers to take full glory for their magical show uninterrupted. The spreading nature of this variety is excellent at reducing erosion as its shallow roots stabilise the soil. Height 30cm.

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Black Scallop NEW

Black Scallops

Nothing like the traditional green foliage, this incredibly striking new introduction will stop you in your tracks with its showy, uniform foliage. Providing a robust, almost impenetrable ground covering of obovate leaves, Black Scallop offers by far the darkest foliage available. Its best suited to semi-shaded locations; the cooler its location, the darker it gets. Its improved genetics have resulted in a greater resistance to mildew, drought and heat. Height 20cm.

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reptans Caitlin’s Giant AGM

Reptans Caitlin's Giant Credit: ForestWander Nature Photography/ForestWander

This impressive RHS Award-winning variety looks more like a Salvia or Penstemons than a common Bugle. It’s highly sought-after for its larger-than-life appearance graced with colossal 12 inch tall flower-spikes, which measure four times the normal bugle size. It looks most impressive when planted in drifts and informal swathes through the middle of a mixed border. Its glossy evergreen leaves offer a tinge with purple, which adds to its ornamental charm. Height 50cm. 

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Buy Lark’s formidable admired Ajugas 

  • Buy three for £12 or the mix of nine for only £18 - half price. Plus p&p £4.95
  • Supplied as young plants in 14 days*
  • Order at or call 0333 772 0325. Contract for supply of goods is with Hayloft Plants Ltd
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Offer closing date May 22, 2017


Campanula Panctata 'Pantaloons'

Campanula punctata ‘Pantaloons’            


Stop press. This exciting and unique large bellflower will have your green-fingered friends wondering where you got it. From June to September, you’ll witness the glorious hose-in-hose dual-coloured blooms that offer a subtle sweet scent. 


To achieve the best colouring for the flowers, plant this fully hardy perennial in semi-shade in moist but well-drained soils. Use Pantaloons as vigorous mid-height groundcover, perhaps in a position where you can enjoy the attractively flecked and speckled blooms. 


Deadhead the spent flowers and cut flowering stems to the ground after blooming to encourage a successional re-bloom. Apply some lime in spring to improve vigour and don't be alarmed if blooms reappear singly as this is natural.

Works well with…

Team with any hardy Geranium, Erigeron karvinskianus and under-plant with Lily Regale for a complementary colour palette. Height and spread: 50cm 

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  • Buy one mature bare root for £10, three for £15 (half price) or nine for only £36 and save £54. Plus £4.95 p&p
  • Supplied as large mature bare roots with immediate dispatch*
  • Order at or call 03337720325. Contract for supply of goods is with Hayloft Plants Ltd.
  • *Offers subject to availability

Offer closing date May 22, 2017

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