Giles Coren: How to compromise when booking a family holiday

Giles and Esther have wildy differing definitions of 'winter sun' Credit: Natalie Naccache

Giles Coren wants to bake himself the colour of a Wall’s banger. His wife, Esther, thinks long haul is an inhuman torture. Can a Coren compromise ever be found? It better had, because his hotel series is about to kick off on the BBC…

Giles Coren says:

I work quite hard to provide certain luxuries for my family beyond the bare essentials of food and clothes and a roof over our heads. Such as, in no particular order: school fees, medical insurance, another roof over our heads (in Gloucestershire), and winter sun.

Lashings and lashings of winter sun. Now, when I say, ‘in no particular order’, I am lying. The truth is that  I would sell the country house, cancel the insurance and pull the children out of their posh little private schools in the blink of an eye, before I would forego my fortnight on a tropical beach in the dark days of February.

I need sun. I am of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and...

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